Carmel Community Girls Softball

2023 Coaches Application



"Coaching youth sports is less about the sport and more about the development of people. You're leading kids with no life experience down a road that will teach them how to navigate their future in an environment filled with fun and competition. You can learn the skills and the breakdowns of your sport in the myriad of educational sources out there. What you really need to coach -- is heart! It may be stressful, take up a lot of your time, and you may feel overwhelmed, but at the end of the season, you'll never be the same, you will be (a) better, more enlightened and more passionate human being. Because once you are called coach, it won't last for just a season.  Once you are called coach -- you are one for life." ~ Kate Leavell


Thank you for your interest in coaching during our 2023 Spring Rec Season. Please fill out the application provided and one of the Division Directors will reach out should they have any further questions.


Please note:   All team coaches will be reviewed and approved by the CCGS Board. Non-parent coaches will always be considered first. 



Please direct questions to:

Kerry Clausen

Click on the envelope below to send Kerry a message.

Coaches Applications